the no-plan plan

And so it goes- I’m off on another trip. Another one-way ticket. Another adventure into the unknown. Here is the plan: there is no plan. I have a working holiday visa for Australia which means that I can be here for 1 year and I can work for 6 months of it. I have some folks that I hope to visit/travel with along the way: Pol-Ewen, Richard, Bronwyn, Kerry- just to name a few. They’re fairly scattered throughout the massive, single-country continent, so I should be covering some serious ground.

What did I bring, you ask? Well, as I always try to travel light I pretty much just brought a good attitude and a few changes of underwear. Did I say few? I meant a couple. No, that’s not true. I have some clothes, this laptop, a camera, a massive journal, extra shoes even (I know- WAY over packed!). Some other stuff as well. Everything I should need to do some kind of respectable job of documenting as I go, but not too much that there won’t be some epic adventures and stories to tell.

It doesn’t actually feel like former trips, honestly. I think because there’s a reasonable chance that I’ll spend a bit of time in one place and not be trekking hard exclusively (though trekking hard is really just a lifestyle- you don’t have to be traveling). But yeah, I might look for work and try to fund further travel. Also I think maybe Australia doesn’t feel too exotic. Sure, it’s the other side of the world, but there won’t be a language barrier and I don’t expect the culture to be too vastly different from that back home.

Why go, then, you ask? Well, that’s always a good question. I think in some ways the similarities to home are appealing. The culture seems more accessible. I expect it will be easy to explore and be a part of. But at the same time it is a different place with a different culture and different things going on socially. And of course because there is adventure to be had and a whole country of exciting people and places to explore- that’s reason enough.

As for the back to school plans- that’s certainly still in the mix. I’ve done most of what I need to do to be able to apply from abroad, if I’m still abroad when that time rolls around. Basically, the dean of admissions of Boalt Hall himself told me to that if there was anything I wanted to do before putting my head down and working my ass off for the foreseeable future, that I should do it now.

And so, I shall!

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