Europe 2012 videos, part3

The third and final set of travel videos. The last legs of the trip were not quite as thoroughly documented and I would have liked, but I did the best with the videos I took.
Featuring Keith Bailey, Jess Johnson, Robin Cumming, Andrew Woodroffe, G-Unit Gordon, Peter Levi’s butt, Bragi, and more.

Once again, the awesome track is by Tiny Legs Tim (

Europe 2012 videos, part2

The next installment of the Euro-trip montage. Sorry for the crappy filming, I guess image stabilization can only do so much for me.
This one has bits featuring Khaled Kortas, Jibby Mac Hasanovic Ali, Keith Bailey, Kate Lennon, Meike Plant, Sascha Meijer, Tiny Legs Tim (the man himself!), Marine Serpo, Brunika Mendes, Sarmad Khoury, and of course the Brave Silvia Baldi.
Much love and thanks to all friends and hosts!

Featuring another Tiny Legs Tim track for the music (

Europe 2012 videos, part1

The first chunk of my Euro travel vids, edited into something watchable.
Featuring many friends and hosts: Peter Levi, Casey Lovitt, David Levi, Rosie Jacks, Pol-Ewen Maisonneuve, Marynia Pawlak, Mariusz Bogacki, Olga Dabrowska, Benas Terekas, Sanita Herca, Daiga Herca, Rein Kutsar, Talvi Hunt, Laura Collacott, Jaakko Siitonen, Lauri Koivisto, and myself.

The prime soundtrack is a song by Tiny Legs Tim (